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Timeline Creator

This simple, but hopefully effective tool allows you to create a timeline to track whichever period of time you need to plan out or track for whichever purpose you need. It works by simply adding icons to one of two lines after which you can add information to each icon by clicking on it and entering the information you wish in the boxes that appear on the right hand side.


This tool is very straight forward. You select the timeline you wish to add icons to (default set to timeline 1) by clicking the buttons marked 'Timeline 1' and 'Timeline2'. Selecting one will give it a light blue border instead of an orange one. After you've made your selection you simply click on one of the icons at the top and it'll automatically add the icon to the start of the timeline.
You can drag these icons along the timeline to whichever position you like and you can also click on the icon to make 3 boxes appear on the right hand side. I've marked them as 'Title', 'Date' and 'Description', but you can use them for whichever purpose you see fit. The first 2 boxes will also be marked with the same icon as the one on the timeline to help distinguish it.
Note that you can add multiple of the same icon to the same timeline, so you may need another way to distinguish these identical icons.

The text you enter in the boxes will remain there for as long as you keep your browser open, but you can choose to save them for longer by using the save buttons (Save 1, Save 2, etc.). This will save the entire timelines, all the icons and all the content you've entered in the text boxes locally in your browser. Note that this feature does not work if you're using incognito mode (or a similar mode) and also does not work in older browsers that do not support this feature (well enough).

To remove an icon and its information simply click it to select it (it'll have an orange border) and then click the "Delete Selected" button to remove it. Easy as pie.


You may have noticed the button labeled 'Toggle print width'. Clicking this button will change the width of the timelines to make sure they fit on an A4 piece of paper. If you do not use this width the version you print will likely end up broken and all the little icons will have shifted place. With the print width this usually won't happen. However, different browsers and devises may have slightly different results.
If you decide to print everything all the little boxes with information you've entered for each icon will be placed on top of each other, so while you create everything you only have to work in the small space of this creator while still being able to end up with a large result of all the information you have.

Printing and order

Note that those little text boxes belonging to each icon are added in the order you add the icons to your timeline. So even if you add an icon first and drag it all the way to the end of the timeline it will still show up first in the printed order. This may be something to keep in mind.
The icons of timeline 1 and timeline 2 are separated though, so you don't have to worry about those getting mixed up.

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