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Combat & Initiative Tracker

With this easy to use tool you can keep track of the initiatives of your players and monsters, including their stats, and any spells or information you wish. You can sort the list based on their initiative score or their hitpoints, allowing you to quickly see who's first in line, and who has the most or least amount of health left. The tool works as follows:

All the input fields of the monster/player can be edited. So while the placeholder text shows specific skills, you can change them to whatever you wish.
When you click on the monster name field, two more fields will become visible in which you can enter other information, like spells, resiliences, or anything else you wish. Deselected the monster name field will hide those again so they're not in the way.

You can easily add more monsters with the 'Add monster' button, and remove selected monsters with the 'Remove selected' button. This way you can easily get rid of defeated monsters, for example.
With the 4 sorting buttons you can sort the monster list based on initiative order and on hitpoints order. Note that by this I mean the values of the first fields and the values of the second fields. You could change the initiative placeholder to armor class, for example, and then use this to sort the list.
Note that sorting happens based on numerical values.

I've included a simple dice roller tool too, this way you can easily roll a bunch of dice to roll initiatives or whatever else you wish. Simply enter the amount and type of dice, as well as a + or - modifier in the standard way, so like 2d6+3 for example.
All your rolls will be saved until you use the 'Clear Results' button to clear them. This way you can easily roll a bunch of d20's for initiatives, for example.


There are 10 save & load sets, this way you can prepare a bunch of sets in advance and load them during the actual game with ease. The saves are done locally in your browser, which means you can close your browser, open it back at a different time, and still load your saves just fine. Note that this only works for modern browsers and only if you're not using incognito mode. I advise to test it before you spend time writing out a lot of monsters.

Tool Example

Dice Roller


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