Fantasy music - legal info

My music is free to be used by anybody, with some restrictions. It's mostly intended as music for tabletop gaming sessions, but I know some people wish to use it for other purposes too, which I'm more than happy to allow, at least to some extent. Let's first get the things you can't do or must do out of the way.

- You have to credit me. Either 'Music by' or 'Music by Emily -' will do.
- You're not allowed to upload my music as is, especially not if you claim you created it. This includes uploading it with a different image, as well as a slide show of images. Slide shows telling a (personal) story are fine, but be reasonable.
- You're not allowed to upload my music after minor alterations. Speeding it up slightly, cutting out minor parts, slowing it down, etc., basically don't try to find excuses to copy my music.
- You're not allowed to use my music in anything that contains or promotes hate speech, bigotry, racism, sexism, or anything else that goes against acceptance and love, and anything that pushes an agenda, whether it be political, social, religious, or other in a real life setting. Themes like this are fine in fictional settings (like a D&D game), as long as they don't promote this behavior in the real world of course.
- You're not allowed to sell my music or redistribute it. If they're part of a bigger project you are of course allowed to sell that project.

Right, that's the darker stuff out of the way, now to the lighter stuff. What are you allowed to do? Plenty:
- Feel free to use my music for intros and outros, and similar elements.
- Feel free to use my music as background music for videos, games, or other projects in which you put a lot of creativity as well.
- Feel free to use my music as background music for vlogs, videos, streams, and similar media.
- Feel free to remix or cover my music, and send me a link, I'd love to listen to it.
- Feel free to add a vocal track to the songs which lend themselves to this, or create a music video for the songs that lend themselves to this. There's not a lot of them due to the nature of my songs, but if you do create something like this, definitely share it with me, I'd love to see/listen to it.

It basically all boils down to: Don't be a leech. My music is meant to be used for creative purposes, not for people to copy it, and try to profit off of it through impish and dishonest ways.
If you have a question, feel free to send me a message. I'm be more than happy to help.

- Emily

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