Thank you!

I know this site is brand new, but plenty of people have already contributed to it. Some in the form of tool suggestions on my other site, which have been moved to this site, and others by sending me suggestions, which were then created by me for this site.
No matter the way people have helped, I appreciate it immensely. Thank you for your contributions, and thank you to everybody who has or will contribute in different ways. It really means a lot.

Below you'll find lists of people who have contributed to this site. It's a short list at the moment, but if my first site is any indication, this list'll grow plenty over the years as well.

Tool suggestors

Soren Suggested the culture creator
Bronas Suggested the random tavern menu generator
'yes43' Suggested the coin creator
Jeremy and Koen Suggested additional icons for the map creator
Hugo Suggested the encounter difficulty calculator
Christine H., Gerjanne, and Samuel S. Suggested additions to the blueprint creator
Anthony, Ayanna, Gus, McAlastair, and Victor Suggested additions to the weapon creator
'Aetherskye' Suggested updates to the periodic table creator
Chani and Ethan M. Suggested the castle creator
Annie P., Sherman, and William W. Suggested the outfit creator
Graded Suggested the solar system creator
Joshua G. Suggested the tarot readings
Jeremy Suggested the pantheon creator
Bryce B. and Mitchell Suggested the dungeon creator
Cory Suggested the constellation map creator
Ethan Suggested the tarot readings
Bradley Suggested the calendar creator
Ed R. Suggested the army formation creator
'Black Phoenix', Carla, Chistina, Elil G., Isaac, Jiitu, Lorina V.S., and Tyler Suggested the family tree creator
Bella, Clevera, Ed R., 'Ember Wolfe' Garrett, Jade, Joseph I., Joshua (2), and Thomas G. Suggested the town creator
Annie P., Aye C., Jack, Jack C., Manne, Mel, Tyler, and Anonymous Person 1 Suggested the weapon creator
Tyler Suggested the timeline creator
Joseph I. Suggested the emblem creator
'CatgurlTea', 'DragonDancer', Joseph I., and William L. Suggested the flag creator
Janette B. and 'nysghthejoker' Suggested the map creator

Guide suggestors

Benedek J. Suggested to the romance writing guide
Chrytian M. Suggested to the campaign starting guide
Maya T. Suggested to the humor writing guide
Gemma Suggested to the class homebrewing guide
'Dragon' Suggested to the campaign creation guide
Jordana Suggested the scenery writing guide
'DJG3N6' Suggested the foreshadowing writing guide
Gabriel M. Suggested the dungeon creation guide
Matthew H. Suggested the story within story writing guide
N. Skinner Suggested the guide on writing evil characters
Lynne Suggested the clothing creation guide
Dillon L., Emery, and 'Noodles' Suggested the story starting guide
Joshua and Justin H. Suggested the armor and weapon creation guide
'Noodles' Suggested the overcoming creative blocks guide and the picking a book title guide
Joshua J. Suggested the plot creation guide
Justin H. Suggested the character creation guide

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