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Keisuke is a Nikoli puzzle in which the aim of the game is to add all the given numbers to the grid in a similar way to a cross puzzle, but the only hints you have are those numbers and whether they're placed horizontally or vertically.
It's a very straight forward puzzle and probably one of the easiest ones to solve. It can be played on any grid size. Bigger grids do allow for bigger numbers, but bigger numbers are often easy to place, since there are few spots for them to be placed in.
This puzzle is very similar to Nansuke, but Keisuke has more hints.

The rules are as follows:
- Add the given numbers to the grid in such a manner that they appear in the same way as their given orientation.

Standard version

The easiest way to solve this puzzle is by first looking at the numbers with lengths of which there are the fewest. If there's only two numbers with a length of 4 characters in total (like 3312), you know there's only two places on the grid to put them. If one is to be placed vertically, and one is to be placed horizontally you immediately know where each one goes.
From that point on it becomes a very simple and straight forward matter of deduction.

In the example below you would be given the hint:
Horizontal: 21, 132, 133, 211 3312
Vertical: 11, 12, 13, 21, 23, 32, 3313

Keisuke Example

Converting it to an RPG setting.

Keisuke's another one of those puzzles that's relatively hard to convert to an RPG setting. There's not a whole lot of variation in theme, but there is some fun you could have. You could use color gradients instead of numbers, then those colors could represent powers, and by putting all the power sections into the right slots you'll be able to stabilize a greater power, power up an area, or perhaps summon a greater being.

A perhaps more straight forward adaptation is to turn the puzzle into a pass code entry mechanism. To enter a building the characters would have to enter the correct numbers on each pad (or perhaps tap it a specific number of times).

Keisuke RPG Example

If you enter the wrong pass code (or tap the screen too many times in a specific cell), you'll be met with an error code and eventually with the sound of the alarm. But if you manage to enter the correct code, access will be granted.
The clue could be given by an NPC in the form of a note with the horizontal and vertical values.

There are other ways to adapt this puzzle, but it does require a little creativity. It's far easier to adapt it to a known setting though, rather than trying to make a setting adapt to this puzzle.

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