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Constellation map creator

With this constellation map creator you'll be able to easily create a custom map of the stars with little effort. Simply add the desired constellations to the map, or create your own by adding single stars to the map. Perhaps add a background image, or change the background color, and you're pretty much done. It's that easy.


The tool works as follows:
- Adding a constellation: You can add a pre-created constellation to the map by simply clicking the images in the menus below. They can be dragged and resized as you wish.
- Adding a star: You can add single stars by clicking the 'add star' button. These stars can also be dragged and resized as you wish.
- Selecting a star or constellation: Simply click the star or constellation on the map, it'll receive an orange border. When you select anything it'll be taken to the front of the canvas as well, so every other image will appear behind it.
- Delete selected: To delete anything, simply select it, and click the 'delete selected' button.
- Delete all: Simply click the 'delete all' button to clear the entire map.
- Background color: You can change the color of the background using the color picker, and then clicking the 'set background color'.
If you wish to revert back to a transparent background, and thus see the background-color of this website, simply click the 'transparent background' button. Note that a transparent background will mean you get an image with a transparent background as well, should you choose to use the 'turn to image' option.
- Background image: If you prefer a background image, perhaps an image of space, simply enter the url of that image, then click the 'set background image' button, and the canvas will have that image. If you want to remove it, simply leave the image link field empty, and click the button again.
Note that this works best if you use a map size that is the same as the size of the background image, especially if you use the 'turn to image' option.
- Height and width: You can change the height and width of the map using the corresponding text fields, and the 'set height' and 'set width' options.
- Toggling dragging and resizing: You can turn the ability to drag and resize the pieces on and off using the 'toggle resize' and 'toggle dragging' buttons. This can be very helpful when handling a lot of images, and you wish to avoid accidentally resizing or moving pieces.
- Turn to image: You can turn the entire canvas into a single image using the 'turn to image' button down below. This way you can easily save your creation as an image, rather than in your browser. Note that if you used a background image it won't display correctly if the width and height of the map aren't the same as the width and height of the background image.

Saving and loading

It's possible to save your constellation creations locally in your browser using the save buttons down below. Simply click one of them to save your current constellation map, and you'll be able to load it again at a later date using the corresponding load button even if you closed your browser.
Note that this only works if you're using a modern browser, and only if you're not using incognito mode.

Saving locally

It's also possible to save your constellation data locally. Simply click the "Save local" button to have the code create a text file with all the constellation code in it, then click on the download link to download it directly to your computer. Now you can use the "Choose file" field to upload your constellation data and use it in the future. This method makes sure there's no risk of losing all your data in case your browser data is wiped, for example, but it does mean keeping track of your downloaded file.

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