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Random tavern menu generator

This tool will generate a random menu for a (fantasy) tavern, aimed primarily at tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and similar games. An NPC will also be generated, if you click the corresponding button that is, to offer the game masters among you a quick prompt for a potentially improvised innkeeper. But you can ignore this option entirely by only clicking the menu generation button.

There is a drop-down menu with 3 options: poor, average and rich. This affects the results, but only a little. Poor inns won't have the same ingredients for the food items as the average and rich ones, just as the average inns lack some of the richer ingredients. The differences are minute though, primarily because the scarcity of an ingredient depends entirely on where your story is set. Pineapples would cost a lot more in the arctic than in a jungle, for example.
Additionally, there are two options to enable meat dishes and fish dishes. They're enabled by default, but can be disabled to limit options to only vegetarian dishes or results leaving either meat or fish out.

I didn't include prices as they tend to depend on the setting as well. But, if feedback shows they're wanted, I'll add them in the future. Likewise, an option for customized lists may be added in the future based on feedback and requests as well. Either way, I hope you enjoy this tool in the meantime.

Toggle Human Shopkeepers
Toggle Dwarven Shopkeepers
Toggle Elven Shopkeepers
Toggle Halfling Shopkeepers
Toggle Orcish Shopkeepers

Each race could technically include similar races. Elves could include half-elves, drow and so on. Orcs could include half-orcs and so on. It'll be up to you and your story universe.

Meat options
Seafood options
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