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Pantheon creator

With this pantheon creator you can create a virtual representation of a pantheon of gods. Simply pick the columns, the icons, perhaps a mosaic background and color, then add descriptions for each, and you're done. The final result can be printed easily too, so saving it is incredibly easy. But if you don't want to print it, you can always use the save buttons to save them in your browser instead.


To do all this the instructions are as follows:
- Adding a god: Simply click the 'add god' button to automatically add a column with a default icon and mosaic to the main field below it. Alternatively, click on one of the columns in either the type 1 or type 2 sections to automatically add the one you selected to the map. This only works if you don't already have a column selected in the main field however.
- Selecting and altering a god: Click on one of the columns you've added to the main field, it will receive an orange border. This selected god can now be altered. Simply click on the columns, icons, or background mosaics to change them to your choice.
- Delete a god: Simply select the god you wish to delete, then click the 'delete god' button.
- Delete all: Simply click the 'delete all' button.
- Column colors: Type 1 columns are always the same color, but if you use Type 2 columns you can change their colors by using the 'set column color' button. Simply pick the color in the first color picker, then click the 'set column color' to change the selected column to that color.
If you want to get rid of a column's color simply click the 'transparent column' button to remove the color of the selected column.
- Mosaic color: Similar to the column colors, you can also change the color of the chosen mosaic. Simply use the second color picker to pick a color, then click the 'set mosaic color' button to change the mosaic color of the selected god. 'Transparent mosaic' will remove the color.
- Background color: You can also change the background color of the main field using the third color picker. Click 'set background color' to change the background color, and 'transparent background' to remove the color again.
- Custom icon: You can replace the icon with a custom one using the empty text field and the 'change icon' button. Simply enter a link to the image you wish to use in the text field, then click 'change icon' to change the selected god's icon to the one of your choice.
Note that this works best with square icons of 75px by 75px or larger. Also note that images will automatically be rounded, so some parts may end up being cut off.
- Print: To print everything simply click the print button (or press the print shortcut on your keyboard). Only the columns and the descriptions you have entered will be shown and printed.

Saving and loading

It's possible to save your creations locally in your browser using the save buttons down below. Simply click one of them to save your current set, including the descriptions you've entered for each god, and you'll be able to load it again at a later date using the corresponding load button even if you closed your browser.
Note that this only works if you're using a modern browser, and only if you're not using incognito mode.

Saving locally

It's also possible to save your pantheon data locally. Simply click the "Save local" button to have the code create a text file with all the pantheon code in it, then click on the download link to download it directly to your computer. Now you can use the "Choose file" field to upload your pantheon data and use it in the future. This method makes sure there's no risk of losing all your data in case your browser data is wiped, for example, but it does mean keeping track of your downloaded file.

Columns Type 1

Columns Type 2


Background Mosaics

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