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Currency Tool

Large universes often mean a wide variety of currencies. Keeping track of their values, especially their comparative values, can be tricky at times. This currency tool will hopefully help with that. Simply enter the names of your currencies, their values compared to the first, and optionally the amount you want to see exchanged, and the tool will update everything automatically. Simply as that.

You can add more currencies with the 'Add a currency' button, and save and load everything with the corresponding buttons. Saving everything will be done in your browser, so you can close your browser, come back at a different time, and load your previous work again with ease. Note that this only works in modern browsers, and only if you're not using incognito mode.

In order to mimic real life, keep the value of the top currency at 1. This'll act as the base currency against which the others will be valued. To give a real life example: 1 USD is worth about 1.28 CAD, 68 Indian Rupees, and 0.74 British Pounds (at the time of writing this). So if you were to use these currencies, you'd write their names in the name boxes. Then the before mentioned values in their value boxes. The tool will automatically display the values of these currencies compared to each other as well. With these numbers, 1 CAD would be about 53, for example.

Currency Tool Example

With the amount option you can see how much any given amount would be worth in the other currencies. So, with the above numbers, if you wanted to know how much 15 USD would be in Indian Rupees, you simply add 15 in the amount box for USD, the tool will update itself, and you'll see 15 USD is worth 1020 Indian Rupees, as well as 19.2 CAD, and 11.1 GBP.

Currency Tool Example
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