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Calendar creator

This calendar creator will allow you to create a custom calendar. You can set the amount of months, the amount of days per month, the amount of days per week, the names of the months, the names of the days, you can add icons to each day, add lunar cycles, have random natural disasters added, add notes to each day and save everything so you can come back later without losing progress. Does it sound complicated? I assure you it's not, but here are more in detail instructions.


- Changing amount of months and days: Simply change the number in the 'number of months' and 'days per week' inputs, which are set to 4 and 3 respectively by default. Make sure you click outside of the input box once you've changed the number to make sure it updates. Once you do so more or fewer boxes for the names will appear. Note that this resets all the boxes, so make sure you know how many months you want before adding names to their respective boxes.
- Naming months and day names (optional): You can enter the names of months in the top boxes, they're all marked with 'Name of month X'. The same goes for day names, which are marked lower with 'Name of day X'. This step is completely optional. If you leave them blank and click on 'create calendar' it'll automatically add names (Month 1, Month 2, etc.) to the empty fields.
- Days in a month: This is an important and mandatory step. In the fields marked 'Days in month X', type the number of days you want this month to have. This is the amount of days that will be added once you click on 'create calendar'.
- 'Start year on day': You can set on which day the calendar will start. The maximum is the end of the week, the minimum is the start of the week. Simply change the number to change the start and empty fields will automatically be added when the calendar is created to ensure the year starts on the day of your choice.
- Moon cycle: You can set a length of a moon cycle. This'll automatically add lunar cycle icons to the calendar to indicate full moon, half moon and no moon on the right days. As a reference, the moon cycle of our moon is roughly 30 days and spans the entire cycle from no moon, to full moon and back to no moon. If you don't want a moon cycle simply leave this blank or set it to 0.
- Natural disasters: I've added a bunch of natural disaster icons to the icon list. These icons can be added at random by setting a chance for them to occur. Simply set a number out of 100 and the icons will be added randomly based on that chance. If you set it to 100 all days will have a natural disaster. Note that the numbers you enter don't have to be rounded up or down, so 0.5 is a perfectly fine number to add for example. If you don't want random natural disasters simply set it to 0 or leave it blank.
- Create calendar: Simply click this button once you're done with all the input bits and the calendar will automatically be created at the bottom, right where the 'January' placeholder is.
- Icons: Each day is generated with a little icon, usually empty by default unless you've enabled a moon cycle and/or natural disasters. You can click these icons to select them (multiple can be selected at the same time). Doing so will turn their border blue. Once you've selected icons you can then click on the images at the top to change the selected icons to whichever image you selected. This way you can mark specific days with specific events or other reasons of your choice.
- Text: Each day is also generated with a text field. You can write anything you wish in these boxes and they can be resized to however long you need them to be.
- Save & load: There are 4 save and load button sets. Simply click on a save button to save the entire calendar, including the inputs and you'll be able to load it again at a later time by clicking the corresponding load button. Note that this feature only works if you're not using incognito mode and don't clear your cache completely. If you want to be extra careful create a quick calendar, add some icons and such, save it, close your browser, open it again and click the load button. Normally it should load the calendar, if not you'll likely have to change some settings in your browser.
- Year back and forward: These buttons will generate a new year (back or forward) based on the current year. Note that this will reset the year completely, so make sure you save a year if you've entered any information or icons and wish to return to it later.
You can go back and forward in time as many years as you'd like. Simply keep clicking.
- Year: The year is set to 2000 by default, a nice round number. You can enter any number you wish though. Whenever you use the year back and forward buttons a year will automatically be subtracted or added respectively.

Timeline creator

There's also a timeline creator available on this site. You can kind of consider the timeline creator as a more compact version of this calendar creator and the timeline creator also allows you to mark everything on a far larger scale. These two tools could be helpful when planning pretty much anything and I hope it proves to be helpful to you.

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Note: Using these buttons will reset the year, clearing everything you've entered.
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