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Random loot generator

With this easy to use tool you can quickly generate a wide range of loot, and you can even add your own custom loot list as well. The tool is simple: Enter the total value of the loot in the first field (marked value), add a percentage for coins if you wish any of the loot to be coins, then add percentages for the low end, mid end, and high end loot. Note that this only really changes the condition of loot, not the actual items. Select the type of loot with the checkboxes (general items will be used if nothing is selected), and then click the 'generate' loot button to be presented with a randomized list of loot totalling the value you entered (give or take a tiny fraction for rounded down numbers).
Note that if the percentages don't add up to 100, the total value will be less too. If it's higher than 100 the values will automatically be adjusted to equal 100 again.

I initially thought about separating loot in low, mid, and high end tiers based on their materials (gold vs bronze for example), but since this is very subjective, based on each story universe and economy, and since condition often plays a major role as well, I decided to simply use conditions instead.
Also note that if the total percentage of high end items is set to a low number, 10% for example, it is possible to end up with items in the low and mid end tiers with a value greater than that of those in the high end tier.

Custom loot list

As mentioned, you can add your own loot table to the generator. Simply enter the name of the item, then a comma, and then the amount of them that may pop up in the results, then either add one on a new line, or continue with comma separations. So lists could look like this:
Item, amount
Item, amount
Item, amount
Or like this:
Item, amount, item, amount, item, amount.
The amount number will be randomized a little once you hit generate loot, but single pieces (marked with 1) will always pop up as 1 single piece.
The values will depend on the value you enter in the value field, and on the percentages you add. All the loot you add can end up in all the tiers, but in different conditions of course.

Alternatively, you can click the 'rarity list' button to enable a list in which you can enter a rareness value as follows:
Item, amount, rarity
Item, amount, rarity
Or as follows:
Item, amount, rarity, item, amount, rarity.
Note that the rarity has to be one of the following: common, uncommon, or rare.

You can save up to 5 lists of loot using the save and load buttons below. This way you can easily prepare loot tables in advance, you can even close your browser safely, and return at a later date. As long as you're using a modern browser, and aren't using incognito mode, the lists you saved will be there.
Alternatively, you can prepare any number of lists in a program like notepad, then simply copy paste the list into the generator whenever you need them.

Armor items
General items
Herb items
Custom list

Enter your custom loot list below, then use the 'use custom list' checkbox above to have your loot list randomized.
Click on 'rarity list' to enable a list in which you can add a value for how rare the items you enter are. See the instructions above for more information.

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