Privacy and cookies. What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data which a website may ask your browser to store on your device. This way your actions, preferences or other information can be remembered for later use. For example, whenever you use a 'remember me' option on a login form, a cookie is used to remember you. Another example are most web-shops with a basket. Whenever you add an item to your basket a cookie is likely used to remember this.

There are many different types of cookies, but they can be categorized as follows:
- Session cookie: These cookies are saved only for as long as your browser is active. Once you close your browser these cookies are deleted.
- Persistent cookie: These cookies will be saved for a longer period of time, sometimes forever until you decide to delete them.
- First-party cookie: These cookies are set by the domain (website) you visit, in this case it would be a cookie set by
- Third-party cookie: These cookies are set by a different domain from the one you're currently visiting. In this case it could be Google's advertisement domain for example.

So what cookies are used on this site?

Advertisements and Analytics

I use Curse's advertisement service. Curse uses advertisers who use cookies (among other things, like site content) to display ads which are as relevant as possible to you.
I also use Google's analytics service. This service gives me helpful and interesting information regarding how many people visit my site, what pages are visited most and so on. However, neither Google nor Curse's advertisers store any personal information whatsoever.

These are all third-party cookies and thus I have little to no control over them (besides using or not using that service or part of it).

Social media buttons

I use 3 social media buttons which allow you to share my site or individual pages. The 3 social media sites are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Cookies may be used if you use the 'remember me' feature to log in for example or if you're already logged in, since the 3 sites allow you to share anything and everything without having to constantly log in to their service.

These are also third party cookies.

'This site uses cookies message'

The message informing you this site uses cookies also uses a cookie once you hit the 'okay' button, this way you don't have to deal with that message every time you visit the site (unless you keep deleting that cookie).

These is also a third party cookie.

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