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Below you'll find a huge range of royalty free music made by yours truly. I'm not that great at it, so don't expect professionally crafted music, I'm still learning. But it is free to use, to some extent anyway. For more information on how you can and cannot use it, click here.
I love creating music, so there will be more songs in the future, probably one every week.

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Heart's racing, blood's pumping, adrenaline's coursing through every vein. Soon the moment of truth will be upon you, but all you can do for now is wait in anticipation.


Heart's racing, blood's pumping, adrenaline's coursing through every vein. Soon the moment of truth will be upon you, but all you can do for now is wait in anticipation.


A song of the rush of adrenaline during battle, the drums of impending doom, and the looming grasp of death.

Blood sacrifice

A song of growing and growing chants, louder and louder drums, the impending doom of what awaits at the end.


A song of inner peace, tranquility, and a sense of calm.

Breaking Through

Two armies battle, soldier after soldier falls on both sides, and for a while it seems to be an even match. Adrenaline and fear dominate the battlefield, but particularly skilled, or perhaps simply lucky, soldiers manage to break up the ranks of their enemies. A chance for victory, fear is replaced with hope, hope of making it out alive, but the battle is far from over.

Caught in a web

You're stuck. Twelve hellish furies, you're stuck. The more you move, the more you get yourself stuck in their tenacious webs. Stay calm and think for a moment, there must be a way out. Too late, they're coming. More and more of them, big ones, small ones, huge ones too. They're crawling all of you. Not a moment is wasted before they begin to wrap you in a cocoon. Hundreds of furry legs eagerly prepare you, their meal, and soon all that's left is a creepy darkness. The sounds of their crawling still audible through the cocoon, but that will end soon enough too.


The horns sound the incoming cavalry, the chaos of battle, and the turning of tides. More horns, incoming reinforcements. The tides turn again.


A song inspired by the terrible feeling of being followed, but in a more dramatic and terrifying fashion.

Clashing Armies

The horns of war echo through the air. Two armies charge for one another, and with a clash of swords, spears, shields, and screams they meet. Battle shouts quickly turn to screams of terror and lust for blood, countless arrows fly from one side to the other, and a stampede of a cavalry comes in from the side. The battle rages on, it's impossible to tell who will lose the most, but that's about the last thing on the minds of those caught in the midst of it.

Creatures In The Depths

Deeper and deeper your vessel ventures, darker and darker the waters get. Even with torches you see very little, but there are creatures who can see you perfectly fine. What was that sound? Just the sounds of metal from your vessel, right?

Dance of the Fae

An enchanting song inspired by fae creatures, hidden within communities in the thickest and lushest forests.

Death March

A song of impending doom, or perhaps the dreadful final walk before the final goodbye.

Desert Journey

A journey of danger and adventure awaits between the edge of the desert and the trade city in the middle of it. Scorching days and freezing nights, sandy dunes upon sandy dunes without any water in sight, dangerous creatures lurking below the sands, and a whole lot more stand in between you and your end goal. Good luck.

Desolate Wasteland

A song inspired by dry landscapes, devoid of all but the most tenacious life forms.

Elusive Elves

Deep within the thickest and lushest of forests live elves unseen by most. Stories of encounters have turned into legends, only adding to the elves' elusive reputation. The truth is far simpler, of course, as the elves simply do not wish to be found. They're masters at hiding and using the forests, their homes, to make sure they're only found when they choose to be found.

Enemy Vessel

An enormous vessel approaches. Its dark, looming presence eclipses your much smaller vessel as red alarm lights flicker on and off. Against your better judgment you hope it hasn't spotted you, but you soon notice their tractor beam is pulling your vessel closer and closer to theirs.


A song inspired by the lust for adventure, the excitement of exploration, and the wonder of what lurks behind the next hill.

Fear the Dark

Terrible things lurk in the dark, glistening eyes watch from the shadows, and nothing good awaits those who dare to venture into the dark abyss. Or it could just be regular shadows, who knows. ^.^

Follow My Steps

A playful dance between two different beings, one copying the other, until both are intertwined in a playful dance.

Forges of War

Clanking hammers, raging fires, and thick clouds of smoke and ash can be seen, heard, and smelled for miles around. Hideous weapons are forged by and for hideous creatures, each of them eager to test their creations, and coat them in blood.

Four Horsemen

War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The chase is on, panic sets in, and the thundering of hooves gets closer and closer, will they catch up with you or will you escape just in time?

Frozen Plains

A song inspired by the vast, open fields of snow, the glistening sparks of ice, and the tranquil silence within these fields.

Frozen Wonders

A song inspired by the crisp, wintry landscapes, the cold blanket that covers everything in a quiet layer of sparkles, and the secrets hidden beneath this layer of white.

Gathering Armies

Two armies gather, their drums echo from afar, and their footsteps march as one. Huge orcs versus a smaller enemy, but they share their lust for blood and desires for war. They may look different, they may fight for slightly different reasons, but in their drums and cries for war they're all the same.

Glade of Delight

Thick, lush trees make way for a single path toward the tranquil clearing. Sunlight and shadows dance through the leaves, while butterflies, bees, and other insects flutter and flap from flower to flower. Playful creatures frolic in the tall grasses, all under the watchful eye of the guardians of the forest; strange beings, with an infinite love for nature. This is their glade, their pride and joy.

Great reef

A song inspired by the majestic blues of the deep, the sparkling lights on the coral reefs, the darting fish between the rocks, and the gentle swaying of the waves.


Pun totally intended. A song inspired by the bittersweet pain felt after a loss, or felt just before an inevitable end.

Hope is not Lost

A song inspired by the rising feeling of knowing it's not over, knowing there's one more chance, knowing now is the time for that final push.

I May Have This Dance

A classy ball progresses deeper into the night with dance after dance keeping the spirits high. An eerily pale, yet somewhat charming looking stranger approaches and, without as much as a bow, looks you in the eyes. For a moment fear takes over, you realize what this stranger is! But a sinister, hair-raising force takes control of you, and you get up to join him on the ballroom floor for a dance.

In Too Deep

Deep within the lair of evil, surrounded by forces on all sides, caution is critical lest you're spotted. Being seen, being heard, being smelled, or being felt, all of these will lead to certain doom.


A song of impending doom, a barrage of a violence, and a brief moment of rest, before the next attack commences.

Into the Den

Tread carefully into the den of a monster, dangers lurk in every corner, and the monster may already know you're coming.

Itsy Bitsy Legion

Itsy bitsy legion
Marched down the hill as one
Down with the humans
Your fire has not won
Caught in our webs
We'll eat your flesh tonight
And the itsy bitsy legion
Marched on with all their might

Jungle Morning

A quiet jungle morning, the still air only broken by the distant sound of animals waking up to the morning sun. But they in turn cause others to wake up, and the jungle soon begins to bustle with life once more.

Leaf on the River

A song inspired by the flowing motions of a leaf floating on a river, the path it takes along the calming flows, the rushing rapids, and the eventual end of the journey.

Lonely Desert

Endless sands without a sign of life, the scorching sun followed by the freezing moon, the desert can be a lonely place indeed.

Lonely Desert (No Drums)

Endless sands without a sign of life, the scorching sun followed by the freezing moon, the desert can be a lonely place indeed.
This is a version with the drums in the background, for an added layer of loneliness.

Lost Child

A song of the despair felt when lost, with the innocent thread of a child intertwined among the chaos.

Love and Loss

A bittersweet song inspired by the end of love, which can come in all too many forms.

March of Giants

Gigantic, docile beasts march through the equally towering landscape of mountains. All you can do is stand and watch in awe as they trek through the mountain passages, each beast as breathtaking as the next. There's so many of them, and so many different species too. But before you know it, the last one already ventures behind a mountain slope, out of sight, but not yet out of mind.

March to War

A mass of orcs marches as one. Armor clanks with every step, drums set the pace with every beat, and warscreams fill the air with ferocious tenacity. The orcs are on a path to war, and they will bring death and destruction wherever they go.


A song inspired by the bittersweet feelings felt when reminiscing about the past, longing for those amazing moments you had, but knowing you'll never have those exact moments again. At least there's always moments to be had in the future. ^.^

Midnight Sneak

A song of the night, the careful steps of one who tries to sneak out of the house, or perhaps into someone else's.


As the sun sinks lower and lower behind the horizon, the forest grows darker and darker. It seems to go quiet, peaceful even as animals begin to prepare for their nightly slumber, but soon a whole different kind of life begins to awaken. As soon as the sun makes way for the moon, countless flowers open up and turn their crowns toward the sky. Nocturnal creatures of all sizes can be seen and heard all around, and the forest itself comes to life with a luminescent energy.

Morning Strolling

A peaceful song inspired by the quiet of the morning, the moment when nocturnal creatures go to rest, and diurnal creatures slowly wake up.

Mystery Forest

A song inspired by the many secrets hidden within a forest, the creatures lurking in silence until you pass, and the tiny lifeforms seen only when you pay close attention.

Nearly There

Almost, just a little more. A rush of adrenaline, the joy of knowing it's not much longer, time for that final push.

No Escape

There's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. The vast emptiness of space was once a gorgeous sight, but now a thorn in your eye. An unrelenting chase continues through the vastness of space as your pursuer's ship keeps up with your every move.

Observant Jungle

Countless creatures lurk in the jungles, some playful and curious to see who you are, others menacing and out to see what you taste like.

Out of Time

A song inspired by the impending doom of an end, the end, any end. The feeling of dread that comes with knowing you can't avoid this end.

Passage of Time

A song inspired by the passage of time, often depicted through stunning time-lapses in which the effects of time can truly be shown.

Reaching Home

The planet, your planet, grows bigger and bigger as you get closer and closer. Just a little while longer. So many things will have changed, so many people will have changed, you have changed. But none of that matters now, soon you'll be home again.

Reluctant Enemies

Neither one wants to fight, both know they have to. Only one will come out on top, which is the very fact that makes both opponents so reluctant.

Rise Minions

Rise, minions, your time has come. Rise, minions, and dance to this beat! I mean, conquer the enemy or something. ^.^


As your ship cruises through space your ship sounds the alarms for an incoming energy wave. You're not sure what the type or cause of it is, but bracing for impact is all you can do. Is it an enemy ship? Unforeseen solar flares? Perhaps a different kind of space phenomena? Who knows, but it keeps happening over and over.

Snowflakes At Night

The night is dark and quiet under a thick layer of clouds. The air is crisp and unmoving, but then, out of the vast blackness above, a snowflake dwindled from the air. Then another and another. Countless thick snowflakes begin to fall out of the blackness above, as if coming from some magical abyss.

Spirit Parade

Countless spirits big and small march and float through the forest path. Their luminescent forms turn the forest into a kaleidoscope of colors, ever changing, and seemingly infinite. More and more spirits pass your vision, but they barely acknowledge you, if at all. They wiggle, twirl, and dance their way to some unknown destiny, and all you can do is enjoy the show.


A song inspired by the thunder in the distant, the rain growing and growing in intensity, and the barrage of noise unleashed when the storm truly hits.

Summer Rain

A song inspired by the gentle, soothing rain in summer. The welcome coolness, and the washing away of dust by the lukewarm drops.

Sunken City

Algae covered columns, coral encrusted walls, flowing seaweed on the flooded roads. A city lost in a sea of time, pun intended. ^.^


As the night slowly makes way for day and the first rays of sun pierce the morning sky, a new cycle starts again. While the nocturnal creatures make for their beds, the diurnal creatures stretch their bodies to prepare for the day. It's a slow awakening, a far stretch from the bustling, colorful life found during the night.

Temple Ruins

Broken pillars, cracked paintings, and forgotten statuettes. The remnants of what once was, but is now nothing but shadows and dust. The voices of the past can still be heard in the wind, but it's just not the same.

Temple Secrets

Dancing shadows cast by candle light, the smell of incense, and the faint whispers of devout followers within the temple grounds lead you through countless corridors. Each room and corridor you pass offers you a glimpse at the hidden mysteries of the temple, but it'd be rude to linger and stare.

Terror in the Dark

Sometimes the shadows truly do hold a terrible horror, sometimes that horror decides to come out, and if it does, you better run. Fast!

Tides Have Turned

A battle between you and an enemy ship rages on. Countless shots have been fired, your shields are low, and outmaneuvering them proved futile. You and your crew fight on, but know this is likely the end, but then, out of nowhere, another ship arrives. You recognise it! A friendly voice calls over the intercom: "Looks like you could use a hand.".

Time to Strike

Waiting in the bushes, ready to strike. The enemy will pass soon, unsuspecting. Their footsteps can be heard first, then their shadows on the road. They're seen by the unseen, still completely oblivious. Just a little further, just a little longer.. Now! Strike swiftly from the shadows! Then return to them as if nobody was there.

Treetop Homes

High up in the canopies, hidden from those wandering down below, lives an entire community among the curling and intertwining branches. Homes grown by bending and directing the growth of branches and air plants, paths directed by the biggest of tree branches, and even a temple rests in the crown of the biggest tree of all.

Through The Atmosphere

Everything begins to shake, alarms blink, the time for reentry is here. Adrenaline pumps through your veins, sweat drips from your forehead as your vessel begins to heat up more and more. The sound of shaking metal drowns out all the alarms, but you remain focused. Just a little while longer, soon you'll be through the atmosphere.

Tranquil Garden

A song inspired by peaceful gardens, the babbling of water from layered fountains, and the sound of the wind that carries the scent of the flowers from all around.

Traversing Mountains

A song inspired by trekking in the highest mountains, the rush of reaching a top, followed by the urge to conquer another, and there's always another.

Underwater Mysteries

Deep blue waters with deeper secrets. Creatures lurking beneath the sands, creatures watching from between the rocks. An endless ocean of tranquility.


A song inspired by the joys of waiting, that specific kind of waiting during which you feel both calm and excited. Calm because you know what comes doesn't require you to worry, and excited because what comes will be amazing.

We Are Legion

Two fangs appear in a charming smile, and fear instantly creeps up your spine. Elsewhere a scream echoes through the air; "Vampire!". You look around and see to your dismay, more fanged smiles all around. Panic breaks out as people run, but the vampires simply follow in a fast, yet held back walking pace, eager to taste the fear running through their victims' veins.

White Capped Mountains

An exhausting trek along rocky mountain paths lead you upward and upward, further and further toward the top of one of the smaller mountains in this range. The higher you get, the more snowflakes you see dwindling from the sky, and the more you see your breath in the air every time you exhale. You soon reach the top, and as you peek over the summit, you're welcomed by a vast landscape of white mountain tops, each fed by a constant drift of snow, and all waiting to be climbed next.

Winter Longing

A song inspired by the longing for winter, fueled by the first sparkles of frost on the ground, the crisp, cold winds, and the thing layer of white created by the fields of frozen dew.


A song inspired by the feeling of yearning for the past, for yesteryear. A bittersweet feeling.

Yesteryearning (Instrumental)

A song inspired by the feeling of yearning for the past, for yesteryear. A bittersweet feeling. This version is an instrumental version, and thus without the vocal track.

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